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Vegan Gluten Free, Oil Free Pancakes

If you’re like me and you wake up thinking about breakfast, this post is definitely for you. Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal, and I just don’t feel right unless I have something sweet first to start off my day.

I LOVE pancakes and waffles, so much that I used to crave IHOP’s buttermilk pancake stack at least once a week before I went vegan. When I started eating healthier I thought my IHOP days were completely over, but when I went completely plant-based I made it my mission to figure out a way to make pancakes quick, easy, and healthy. Not going to lie, it took several hours of experimenting in the kitchen, and there were more than a few batches that completely flopped, but after trying out what felt like a million flour combinations, I finally created THE BEST vegan pancakes I’ve ever had. They are thick, sweet, and fluffy, and I make them PACKED with blueberries. ~ YUMMM ~ Just FYI, they are tested on and approved by my family members who are NOT vegan!!!

Also, there are TWO amazing bonuses to this recipe! The first is that this same batter can be used to make waffles too! It tastes just as good – trust me. The second is that you can make the whole batch, (the recipe makes about 8) freeze the leftovers, and pop them in the toaster the next morning you wake up wanting something sweet and delicious. It’s a great meal prep option for when you’re on the go too!

And as much as I love smoothie bowls, sometimes I crave a heartier breakfast meal and decide to spice it up by whipping up a stack of these instead. Plus, who wouldn’t love impressing their friends and family with these if they stay for breakfast or want to have a nice brunch? In my experience pancakes and waffles are a total crowd pleaser, and even though I topped mine with strawberries, blueberries and granola, totally feel free to change it up! These are great with bananas, chocolate chips mixed into the batter, or nut butter drizzled on top!

The recipe is super simple to follow! The dry ingredients go in one bowl and the all of the wet ingredients can be thrown right into the blender. But my advice is to do the wet ingredients first. This is so that the apple cider vinegar and the almond milk set for 5-10 minutes before blending. This allows the milk to curdle and creates the same effect that buttermilk would have, making the pancakes nice and fluffy! Also, while the almond milk and apple cider vinegar are sitting, the chia seed can firm up too.

*A tablespoon of lemon juice can be used in place of the apple cider vinegar if necessary*

Once the wet ingredients are all blended, pour them into the dry and mix it alllll up. Then fold in whatever add-ins you prefer, and TAA-DAA that’s it! Just cook and plate!

I recommend using LOW heat so that they cook all the way through and don’t heat up too fast and burn. Flip when it the top starts to bubble up and the bottom looks nice and golden.

*If using a non-stick pan, cook on low to medium heat on a smaller burner*

That’s it for this recipe! Super simple, easy, healthy, and satisfying! If you make them I'd love to see your creations! Feel free to DM me or tag me on Instagram!

Hope you enjoy!

– Nicole

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